On Leash Obedience Lessons


Ideal for: dogs that are 5+ months old that have not had any/much previous training, dogs that are destructive/bored, dogs that behave dominantly with their handler/other people/other dogs, dogs that are generally obedient except when distracted, dogs that are not obedient at all, fearful or anxious dogs, dogs with fear aggression, dogs with dog aggression, dogs with people aggression, dogs that bolt when outside without a leash, dogs that pull on a leash when walking, dogs with behavior issues such as jumping on people, counter-surfing, excessive barking, etc.

Each session is individually scheduled to give you the most flexibility for training. Your sessions never expire after purchase and can transfer to any of our Minnesota locations. Sessions are nonrefundable.



Interested in training without an E-collar? This specially designed 6-lesson course prepares you and your dog to take on life’s adventures while being obedient along the way. Most day to day commands are covered in this course with your dog’s needs intertwined. You’ll receive 6 private lessons, slip lead, treat pouch and clicker.

  • Tailored based on the dog and family
  • Down / Extended Down
  • Place / Extended Place
  • Loose Leash Heel / Leash Manners
  • Sit / Extended Sit
  • Greeting Manners
  • Confidence Building