Meet The Off Leash K9 Team

Cassie - Owner

Cassie started her dog training career in 2010 as a foster and rehabilitative home for rescue dogs through Southeast German Shepherd Rescue. Through fostering, she gained a unique understanding of fearful and fear aggressive dogs. Off Leash K9 Training offered a way to reach these dogs when other training methods failed to build much needed confidence. After seeing the results first hand, Cassie became an owner and trainer with the organization in 2013. In 2014, Cassie brought this unique training style to back to Minnesota.

Becca - Trainer

Becca is a Minnesota native that has grown up with a passion for dogs and the outdoors. Throughout the years, she has taken every opportunity she’s had to learn about different breeds and training methods. Her drive to learn and desire to take her Australian Cattle Dog rescue, Nellie, out confidently off leash led her to Off-Leash K9 in 2016. From there, she has helped family and friends train their dogs, as well as training her second rescue, an Australian Koolie named Chevy. Having grown up surrounded by dogs of different breeds and backgrounds, she is proud and excited to help unleash the bond between you and your dog.


Don - Trainer

Don is a dog Trainer and Training Instructor who started his career as a military working dog handler in the Marine Corps from 2007-2016. When Don transitioned to the civilian sector, he completed his Trainer and Instructor certification through American K9 Interdiction. After graduation he started his path to working with canines, from drug and explosive interdiction to tracking humans, as well as protection, apprehension work to house pets. Don is also a professional decoy and has helped provide real world training to police departments and to the United States military.


Lindsay - Trainer

Lindsay, an East Coast transplant, joined the Off Leash K9 Central Minnesota team to combine her Communications degree with her love of dogs. She will ensure your family gets placed in the perfect program while receiving unparalleled care and updates throughout your journey with Off Leash K9 Training. 

Her passion is to keep dogs with their families and develop them into their highest potential. In her spare time, she continues her education and does scent detection with her German Shorthaired Pointer and Belgian Malinois.

Abie - Trainer

Abie’s passion for dog training took off when she adopted her Siberian Husky, Anallah. Working through difficulties with Anallah, she desired to learn more and became a foster with Adopt a Husky Minnesota where she worked with dogs from a variety of backgrounds. Abie’s background in education also helps drive her eagerness to continue to learn and grow as a trainer. When she’s not training she enjoys bikejoring, hiking with her two huskies, and volunteering at Minnesota Wolfdogs.

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