3-Week Behavioral Board & Train


We do have multiple payment plan options for our Board + Train programs. Contact us to see what option would work best for your family. Deposits are nonrefundable.

Ideal for: dogs that are 5+ months old that have not had any/much previous training, dogs that are destructive/bored, dogs that behave dominantly with their handler/other people/other dogs, dogs with mild behavioral issues towards other dogs or people, dogs that are generally obedient except when distracted, dogs that are not obedient at all, dogs that bolt when outside without a leash, dogs that pull on a leash when walking, dogs with behavior issues such as jumping on people, counter-surfing, excessive barking, etc.



3 Weeks of Immersive Training for dogs with: Fear, Anxiety, Aggression or Therapy Development Goals.

*Consultation is required for human aggression*

-Dog will board with a Pro Trainer and you will receive daily video report cards

-Core Commands:

  • Sit (& Extended Sit)
  • Place (& Extended Place)
  • Heel (On and Off-Leash Walking)
  • Down (& Extended Down)
  • Off (Unwanted Behaviors)
  • Greeting Manners / Door Manners

-Confidence Building / Exposure

-Your dog will be custom fit for the correct ecollar

-After completion, owner will receive a 2-3 hour one-on-one session to detail how to maintain the training and how to properly handle them.